A better container helps keep the air out

A fridge is a very common electric appliance in our house around the world. We need to put many various kinds of food inside to keep them for some time. However, the smell of many foods which after cooking may have a strong smell, that will make some other foods be affected and tastes little weird when we eat them again.

We may use plastic or some other material containers to keep food in the fridge. Compared with them, aluminum foil containers may have a better performance at keeping out the air. Aluminum is one kind of metal, so its airtightness is at a very high level. Using aluminum foil to package your food helps to keep the food smells good and won’t be affected by other unbearable flavors for other strong smells of food. Just be sure to tightly pinch the foil to the sides of the container so no air can go in or come out. An aluminum foil container helps to make your fridge smells much fresher.

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