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As a well-known aluminum foil products manufacturer, Baide supply global customers with OEM/ODM services on aluminum foil food containers, aluminum foil trays, aluminum foil roll and other aluminum foil products.

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Use commercial methods to solve environmental problems and help partners achieve commercial success.


Focus on providing aluminum foil food containers that meet safety standards, use automated machines to shorten delivery cycles, ensure stable quality, and provide better profit for distributors.


We provide free samples for OEM/ODM customers. For large quantities of customized products, you do not need to pay the mold fee, saving your upfront costs.

Your Aluminum Foil Containers OEM/ODM Partner

Based on beautiful appearance, easy to use, safe and hygienic, no smell, no leakage and other advantages, ALL of our aluminum foil products export to overseas. The food grade aluminum material we take meets European, American, Japanese and Chinese hygienic standard. We are a reputable and reliable supplier in European, North America, Japan and Middle East areas.


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Why Choose Us

Equipped with dusty free production shop, our mainly products including aluminum foil food containers, aluminum foil trays, aluminum foil roll and other foil products. .

Food Grade Material

FDA, CE, ROHS, SCHS, LFGB, BV, SGS ISO9001 certified.

Free Sample

Most size of aluminum foil containers are in stock.

No Mold Fee

There is no mold fee for OEM/ODM bulk orders.

Factory Price

Factory direct sales price, you will get more profits.

Baide Enterprise certification


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If you have any questions or suggestions about aluminum foil ordering, or technical support, please leave us a message.

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