Airline aluminum foil dining box features

Aluminum foil with high conductivity, heating speed, energy saving.

Aluminum foil high strength, toughness, good protection, to ensure the safety of food quality, beautiful appearance, beautiful color.

Aluminum foil non-toxic tasteless, barrier, shielding, reflective good, clean health, to ensure a healthy diet.

Aluminum foil high-temperature stability and good chemical stability, in the process of processing and packaging, aluminum foil meal box can well withstand the temperature change, do not have a chemical reaction with the food, heating will not produce harmful substances.

Aluminum foil meal box can be recycled and reprocessed into other aluminum materials, which is not waste, green and environmental protection, reducing resource consumption and conducive to circular economy.

Aluminum foil for airline meal boxes has special performance and complicated production technology. The recycled aluminum foil meal boxes cannot be used to make new aluminum foil meal boxes, nor can they be reused as meal boxes by businesses, which can absolutely ensure the safety and health of food.

Aluminum foil meal box is a high-end food packaging container, used for aluminum foil meal box aluminum alloy, with high strength and good plasticity, good molding, can be processed into a variety of shapes, to meet the needs of multi-purpose food packaging containers.

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