by Baide Aluninum Foil 

January 9, 2020

Aluminum foil baking cup FAQ

1 Will the color of the aluminum foil baking cup coating fade?

The aluminum foil baking cup is not easy to fade, and the baking temperature is above 280 degrees.

2. Can consumers put aluminum foil baking cup directly into the oven?

It is recommended to use the aluminum foil baking cup on a baking tray, otherwise it will affect the product quality and beauty.

3. Which ovens are suitable for aluminum foil baking cup?

Blast furnace, slate furnace, electric heating furnace, microwave oven, household oven, can also be sprayed directly by open flame, such as making caramel pudding.

4. What products can aluminum foil baking cup be used for?

Aluminum foil baking cup can be used to make baked puddings, baked light cheesecakes, charcoal grilled cheeses, chocolate cheeses, Boston cakes, fruit pies, puffs, jellies

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