Aluminum foil coffee capsule, its partner is heat sealing machine

Customers who like coffee capsules should pay special attention to the use of heat sealers.

Only a good heat sealing machine can solve various packaging problems of aluminum foil coffee capsules.

It really makes the aluminum foil coffee capsules not lose material, and it plays a role of sealing and keeping fresh.

This machine adopts intelligent digital display temperature control system, the filling accuracy error is ±0.5%, and the sealing is strong.

The frame is made of stainless steel, and the parts in contact with the material are all stainless steel, which meets food standards.

The use of a pneumatic part simplifies the mechanical structure and reduces malfunctions. The performance of the machine is more stable and safe.

The sealing temperature is 0-400 degrees (adjustable to ensure a good seal.

The machine can be sealed with aluminum foil, aluminum film or plastic film, which is widely used in beverage, milk and food industries.

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