by Baide Aluninum Foil 

March 15, 2021

As we all know , water is one of precious resources in the world . But in the catering industry , water is necessary and needs to be used quite a lot .

To keep the tableware clean and health enough to use , many qualified restaurants use chemical detergent and change the whole pool of water again and again . This kind of water can’t be used twice. Some restaurants may choose repeat use water in one same pool but that may lead to the health problem for the customer.

So is that another way to saving the water resource ? Of course we have . Aluminum Foil Container maybe the better way to solve this problem is restaurants. Aluminum foil is recoverable material, the waste of resources is avoided from the biggest point of view and will not have bad effect on environment . And as the disposable tableware , aluminum foil container is different from the traditional container in restaurants , it doesn’t need water and also the worker who clean the pans all day.

If you are the boss of one store , choose cheap , environment-friendly ,artistic aluminum foil container may be one of the simplest way for you to saving water resources. Take action ,

keep away from the washing-up sink and make kitchen more efficient and tidy. 

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