aluminum foil container from Wuxi Baide

Wuxi Baide Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional aluminum foil container manufacturer specializing in the production of various aluminum foil products, aluminum foil food containers, aluminum foil paper, household foil, container foil, and other products.

Our foil containers are manufactured in accordance with all applicable regulations for food grade materials. Our foil containers are ISO 9001, SGS, FDA approved.

Our Wuxi Bade Company represents our aluminum foil products with more emphasis on quality, good reputation and at the same time, we hope to win with our partners.

  • 1. With more than 10 years of experience in the manufacture of aluminum foil containers, we are not only familiar with the domestic and international aluminum foil container market, but also familiar with Chinese aluminum foil container product suppliers.
  • 2. More comprehensive aluminum foil container manufacturing level and production equipment to meet your unique needs.
  • 3. The aluminum foil containers produced by our factory enjoy a good reputation at home and abroad.
  • 4. Integrate Chinese aluminum foil products suppliers and integrate various aluminum products. Our Wuxi Bade also includes rolling products and other manufactured products.
  • 5. Focus on quality. We have a professional team to reliably control raw materials. We not only manufacture aluminum foil container products with the highest production standards but also provide you with a more perfect cooperation experience with the best service.

Our foil containers are widely used:

  • – Household kitchen cutlery containers
  • – hotel and upscale restaurant
  • – Airline dining essential lunch box
  • – Takeaway delivery and food carrying containers
  • – Camping BBQ
  • – Cake Baking

The company continues to develop and breakthrough innovation. Our foil containers are manufactured in accordance with all applicable regulations for food grade materials. Our foil containers are ISO 9001, SGS, FDA approved. Using scientific management, relying on advanced equipment and technology to ensure product quality, prompt delivery, and competitive prices. Welcome domestic and foreign merchants to write a letter, call us. At the same time, we sincerely look forward to your visit to the factory.

The rapid development of society has made people’s lives more and more convenient. While bringing convenience to people, it is also accompanied by many environmental problems. Among them, the white pollution brought by the plastic bags that people use every day is getting worse. A research report from the United Nations states that about 5 trillion plastic bags are used worldwide every year. 

How to reduce the use of plastics in non-essential packaging has become a common problem faced by people. Facing this situation, Wuxi Baide Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. actively explored solutions, promoting green packaging and sustainable development strategies in the field of food packaging.

After more than ten years of unremitting efforts, the company has developed into a leading enterprise in China’s aluminum foil products industry, with business segments covering 40 countries and regions around the world.

The honor and applause did not let Wuxi Bade get lost, but let Wuxi Bade see the future direction clearly. The company intensifies product research and development, strictly controls quality, and has strict requirements for every aspect of product production, and strives to provide the best products to every consumer. Current products include household aluminum foil rolls, aluminum foil lunch boxes, paper foils, wrinkle-free lunch boxes, and heat-sealed lunch boxes. The company has won the recognition of customers at home and abroad with the most comprehensive product line in the industry, high quality and service.

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