by Baide Aluninum Foil 

September 27, 2019

Aluminum foil container production line

  1. automatic lubricating feeder
  2. precision electrical control cabinet
  3. 45T high performance pneumatic punch
  4. single way product automatic stacker
  5. mould

Technical parameters

pressure  450KW

Stroke     40-70 times/minute

Capacity  6.5KW

Weight   5000KG

Voltage  3-380V 50HZ 4-wire

Feeder(L*W*H)     1800*1200*1200m

Electrical cabinet   900*390*890mm

45T punch(L*W*H)    1500*1125*2315mm

The production line dimension(L*W*H)    5300*1900*2900mm

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