Baide brand hotel catering aluminum foil roll paper

Wuxi Baide Precision Machinery Thickened 20 micron tin foil is fully upgraded, heat resistant, oil-repellent and anti-adhesive, self-contained with serrations, easy to cut

When buying aluminum paper, everyone pays attention to the thickness of the aluminum foil paper, which is not easy to break. This aluminum foil is made of 8011 aluminum foil and is 15 microns thick. Steam, boil, roast, easily cope with all kinds of high-strength baking, and get all kinds of tin foil food in the family.

This aluminum foil is thicker and can be heated for 20 minutes at 250 degrees Celsius. Smooth surface feels, not easy to break

The package comes with serrations. You only need to choose the appropriate size according to the size of the baking tray. It can be easily sawed on the edge of the aluminum foil packaging box. It is easy to use.

Aluminum foil can be used to wrap food barbecue, health and safety, keep food moisture, fresh and delicious, easy to stick.

This aluminum foil can be used for different families, restaurants, barbecues, baking and fresh-keeping. Because it is upgraded in thickness, it is more versatile

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