by Baide Aluninum Foil 

December 10, 2019

The advent of the new technology era will not only bring wealth to people, but also health. We started to recognize food safety and started to pursue healthier and more environmentally friendly food and food containers. What I am talking about today is that in the new era, the aluminum foil lunch boxes of paper boxes and plastic lunch boxes will be banned.

Performance of aluminum foil tableware and containers: Various food lunch boxes made of aluminum foil. Aviation lunch boxes currently use the latest and most scientific aluminum foil surface coating technology and high temperature disinfection and decontamination treatment technology. The products are beautiful, elegant and luxurious. Improve the quality of fast food. The current heat-sealable, autoclavable aluminum foil containers are also widely used in stuffed pancakes, luncheon meats, tight pots, sauces, jams and processed cheeses, coffee milk, vegetarian pastes, and other products that require long shelf life Sealed packaging can also be used in non-food applications and industries, such as the pharmaceutical industry. The advantages of aluminum foil packaging container, low weight and storage volume and low transportation cost, “aluminum foil cover” is easy to open, 100% barrier layer, high product protection, and can be sterilized by high temperature / pasteurization.

Application of aluminum foil container in microwave oven: Whether it is cooked food or homemade food, cooking and reheating in the microwave oven is fast and convenient. The use of aluminum foil container ensures the freshness of food.

Why choose aluminum foil lunch boxes? It was not our choice, but it was chosen by the times and social needs.

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