Third-Size-Dampf-Tischpfanne mit Foliendeckel-Kombination

1/3 size steam table foil pan w/matching foil lids. 1 pans w/1 lid included

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1/3 size steam table foil pan. 3 of these third-size pans fit perfectly side-by-side in a full-size pan. They are also shallower for better food portion control. Full curl rim, heavy duty 40 gauge. No more messy clean-ups with these disposable foil pans! Ideal for catering, baking, broiling, bbq, parties, picnics, food transport and storage. Matching foil lids sold separately 64 fl. oz.capacity. Matching aluminum foil lids included. 1 pan w/1 lid.

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Wir stellen Behälter und Backformen aus Aluminiumfolie her, damit Sie mehr Gewinn erzielen können.