by Baide Aluninum Foil 

March 23, 2021

Today i i will introduce you one kind of aluminum foil containers ,it is disposable multi-compartment aluminum foil container . As we know ,aluminum foil container is widely used in many places due to its safety material , good-looking appearance and recyclable character.And multi-compartment container is one kind of them.

Multi-compartment container always have two or three compartments in one container . It can separate the rice from the dishes .We can also decide to use two or three compartments depend on the variety of dishes you want to put in .It’s very useful in large dinning room ,such like school , construction site , large-scale activity like sports meeting and so on. We can solve the problems of washing huge amount of tableware during this meeting time .

Multi-compartment container also has different shapes to choose . We have round and square in common and we also accept the order of customized containers as you want . Different shapes of multi-compartment aluminum foil containers can hold various meals such like rice or noddles , eastern dish or western food as you need .

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