by Baide Aluninum Foil 

March 24, 2021

The seafood is one of the delicious food around . Many people enjoy it and they all have different ways to cook them . Most time people will choose barbecue or poach with pots . Some people may cook seafood on the boat when they travel on the sea. Then the tableware is an important factor to choose.

On the sea , it’s not good to use some common tableware because they are always heavy and big . They are the good choice to cook food but not the good things to bring in sea traveling. And some disposable pans also can’t be used such like plastic or wood because they are not environmentally friendly and they can’t be used as barbecue pans.

So the aluminum foil container will be the best choice in this situation . Easy to bring with you due to their light weight , they will not be the cumbrance in your sea traveling. And whatever you want to barbecue or poach , aluminum foil container can be the best partner .Most important ,they are disposable environmentally friendly tableware .

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