par Feuille d'aluminium Baide 

août 30, 2019

Wuxi Baide is a company specializing in the production of aluminium foil containers for more than ten years. The company upholds the attitude of high quality, high standard and high requirement to treat every customer and every batch of products.

Thirteen years, we have enriched our experience, improved the process, and constantly strive for excellence, with high-quality products to maintain long-term cooperation with customers.

Our products are popular on five continents, and are loved by customers all over the world.

Our aluminium foil products include aviation aluminium foil lunch boxes, barbecue plates, circular aluminium foil containers, rectangular aluminium foil containers, heart-shaped aluminium foil containers, polygon aluminium foil containers, new type aluminium foil containers, takeaway aluminium foil containers, coffee capsules, oval aluminium foil containers, multi-chamber aluminium foil containers, multi-color aluminium fo Foil paper drawing, aluminum foil roll and other products are welcome to buy.

All of the above products are on sale and are subject to mass customization.

Choosing Baide in Wuxi will bring you a different experience. We conquer customers with quality and craftsmanship.

A propos de l'auteur 

BaidePack - Fabricant de récipients en aluminium et d'ustensiles de cuisson

Nous fabriquons des récipients en papier d'aluminium, des capsules de café, des plateaux en papier d'aluminium, des rouleaux en papier d'aluminium et des ustensiles de cuisson pour le stockage des aliments. Plus de 300 moules disponibles + Moules personnalisés gratuits pour le service OEM.