Good tools for making baguettes

Today, more and more people are interested in baking food at our own home so there are more and more tools for us to make baked food. Baguette is one of the most famous bread all over the world. This long bread is widely sold in many countries. Here is a useful baguette mold I want to show you, as the picture below, this baking mold is prepared for a baguette with a long slot. And the tiny holes on the surface of the mold helps the bread can be baked at a uniform temperature in the oven. What we just need to do is to make the shape of the baguettes and put them in the oven. Then waiting for a delicious baguette.

There is also a large type of baguette mold. This one is suitable for some people who want to make business with baguettes in their shops. And we can also use it if we have a large oven in our house. It can make much more baguettes at one time. We can see this in the picture below.

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