by Cheng 

April 20, 2021

In modern society , there are various ways to cook. In the kitchen , you may see braising, frying ,toasting and so on. Some people may choose to use electronic oven to make some baking food . With the high temperature , raw material turns into the delicious food and dessert . During this cooking time ,what kind of the container we use can be a good topic to talk about .

Consider many baking food we are willing to share with other friends and it’s not so easy to clean after we cook a lot . So it’s better to choose disposable material container . And at the same time , plastic can’t be used in oven because of the high temperature will burn the plastic container and food together . I recommend aluminum foil container as it’s metal which can bear the high temperature in light weight will not make you tired to cook . Aluminum foil container is also a disposable tableware , so it gives you much more time to enjoy the happy food time instead of boring washing time in the kitchen. As you need ,we can choose different sizes of aluminum containers when we decide to make different sizes food . What a cheap and convenient choice in kitchen for oven and baking.

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