by Cheng 

April 23, 2021

Pizza as one of the most popular delicious food is not only well known in West world but also East countries. People around the world are attracted by different tastes of pizza, such as some people like to eat bacon pizza, some people will choose chicken pizza and some people may prefer fruit pizza. So making a pizza at home when we are free is a very good way to satisfy our stomach, we can choose what taste we like best and enjoy at a comfortable weekend time.

Making a pizza needs some raw food materials. And the tools for making pizza are also indispensable. To help you make a pizza easily, we can provide pizza molds that are made of carbon steel or aluminum alloy, which means they are reusable pizza pans. Due to the requirements of different cooks, we have many sizes for you to choose from, such as 7,8,9,10 inches. Then we can make various types of pizzas with any requirements. It is also acceptable that we can provide some other customized sizes of pizza pan as you need because we are a factory.

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