NO 6a foil containers

NO 6a foil containers

Aluminium foil containers with lids. Best quality containers used as takeaway mediums in the catering industry and has wide range use. Perfect for insulating foods hot or cold in transport, restaurants, bakeries household kitchens etc. Containers can withstand a large temperature range for foods such as curries, noodles, soup, bread, fruits and vegetable etc. Aluminium foil itself  has excellent conductivity and is non-toxic.

Item package includes foil containers and lids. The lids are heavy duty with a card and glossy finish, the glossy finish ensuring for maximum food insulation. These durable lids can resist liquid diffusion/absorbency preventing leakages.

We can also print Logo on the lids accroding to your demand.


Dimensions: 200 x 105 x 45 (mm)

Volume: 695ml / 24.5oz

Thickness/Gauge: 60 microns (approx)

In compliance with ISO 9001

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