One widely used type of aluminum container

Aluminum foil containers are widely used all around the world gradually, today I want to introduce one size of our containers which are common used in many cooking places.

Half pan aluminum foil containers are 325*264*62mm in our products list. It can be used for various food such as roast fish, beef and pork barbecue, some small coast chicken and some more other food which needs to be roasted.

We can use it when we go outside to have a picnic in the wild camp with grill food with our friends and share with each other with this suitable half pan aluminum foil containers. And we don’t need to do washing due to the disposable feature of this product. We can also prepare the takeaway for customers in the restaurants in order to prepare the dishes much more quickly.

The half pan aluminum foil containers from us can make the brand logos or some other simple customized pictures on the surface of the containers due to we are a factory, the type matrix can be changed not a difficulty. We can meet customer needs as best as possible.

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