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  • 1 lb. Mini Oblong Silver Foil Pan w/Clear Dome Lid

1 lb. Mini Oblong Silver Foil Pan w/Clear Dome Lid

Silver Mini Oblong Containers. 1 Pans w/1 matching dome lids. 1 lb. capacity.

Can go from the oven to the table
Dual Oven safe – microwaveable/oven safe
Withstands oven temps up to 450F
Sturdy lids made with crystal clear PET
Easy stacking for both pans and lids
Pans and lids are both 100% recyclable

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Silver series pans with crystal clear PET lids. (1 lb. Small size, holds 16.0 fl.oz )

These sleek, stylish aluminum pans make great upscale food presentation. With a smooth flat surface area, they are perfect for any type of small portion gourmet meal or side dish. Pans are shiny metallic silver on both on the outside and inside. Ideal meal trays for private airline/corporate jet catering due to their high-end look and oven versatility. 1 pans w/1clear dome lids included.

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We make aluminum foil container and bakeware to help you get more profits.