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60×40 cm Non-stick Aluminum steel Sheet Pan

Baking Tray Series Aluminum Alloy Sheet Pan-Round Corner, 60×40 cm Non-stick Alusteel Sheet Pan, Material: 0.7mm Alusteel, Specification: 600*400*30 mm, Customizable bakeware

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Specifications of 60×40 cm Non-stick Alusteel Sheet Pan

  • Baking Tray Type: Baking Tray
  • Cookware material: Aluminium
  • Cake Pan/Tray Shape: Rectangular
  • Model: BSD1078
  • Bakeware customization service optional.

Operate Instruction for Non-Stick Treatment products:

  • Please do not use sharp tools to scrape the non-stick surface,
  • Please clean the interior and dry up with mild fire, use a cotton cloth to dip in oil (cooking oil, lard, or vegetable oil), and bake under mild fire before using which will better ensure the non-stickiness and durability of the product
  • To extend the life cycle, please check the surface scratch regularly.
  • The new Baking tray would have slightly bent in the beginning 30-90 days, because thermal expansion and contraction it is a normal situation, and would recover automatically afterwards.

Customizable Bakeware
As a bakeware manufacturer, we can customize the sheet pan Material, size, and surface treatment.
Lead time is based on quantity.

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