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900g Loaf Pan for Low-sugar bread – Non Stick

Loaf Pan for Low-sugar Bread, 900g Loaf Pan for Low-sugar Bread (Non-Stick), energy-saving loaf pan, Material: 1.0mm Al. Alloy, Specification: 325 x 107 x 120 mm, Customizable

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energy-saving loaf pan,
Demonstration features to strengthen the description:
900g toast should be baked for 50 minutes under the same temperature, and the low sugar toast box only needs to be baked for 35 minutes.
→ Summary energy-saving about 20-30% efficiency

1. Highlight low-sugar bread (8% to 10% sugar) for healthy baking
2. Compared with the ordinary toast box, the same formula, and the same size can reduce the baking time by 20%-25%, and there is no bad coloring due to low sugar.
3. High water retention, due to short baking time, less water loss from the toast
4. Due to high water retention, the toast is soft, moist, and sweet.
6. Externally sprayed with black food-grade non-stick paint, safer to use, shorter baking time, better taste of the toast

Cookware material: Aluminium
Cake Pan/Tray Shape: Rectangular
Cake Pan Type: Loaf Pan
Cookware Features: Non-stick, Includes Lid

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