by Baide Aluninum Foil 

March 15, 2021

Spring is coming ,the season which brings flower , blue sky ,green trees and love around people world. People always want to show their love in many different ways , some people like to buy expensive gifts to each other , some people like to go traveling together ,some people like to sing a song for gitl/boy friend.There are also some people ,they like to show their pure and true love into the small sweet cake .

Making a cake into heart shape is a nice way to show your emotion to some people .Especially you are too shy to say something to your Mr Right. Then hide your love into a heart cake , sweet and beautiful. Just like the first pure love , sincere and shy. In case you make the cake fail, i advise to use the aluminum foil container ,heart shape cake cup.

It will help you to make the cake simply ,even you are the people who are always out of kitchen, far away from baking . Is there any way to see the simile on your lover’s face when he/she tastes your heart cake ? Just try and make it .

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