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March 23, 2021

Aluminium foil container is made of aluminum foil .It is produced by aluminum ingots with thickness less than 0.1mm.”Tin foil” is the same as aluminum foil, but it is not the same as the traditional term.

The commonly used domestic aluminum foil meal box commonly used material is 8011,3003.Aluminum foil can be put into the microwave unsealed box heating, microwave bottom is metal need to use non-metal items at the bottom. Aluminum foil is very common in our daily life. It is known to all that it is a metal flat tool used in kitchen cooking, food sealing and some easy to clean materials. Thousands of tons of aluminum foil are used every year to package food, cosmetics and chemicals.

Aluminum foil is very soft and can be made into different shapes.Aluminum foil can be used to warp both sides of aluminum foil.Most of the aluminum foil is very bright, but one side is black.It can be used to warp bread to increase heat conduction.In addition, aluminum foil can also be used for decoration, also used for heat exchange and electrical conductor insulation conductors.The thickness of aluminum foil used as food wrapping paper is only 6.5μm.Thin aluminum foil keeps it in good condition and resists water, bacteria and dirt.

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