by Baide Aluninum Foil 

January 18, 2019

“Aluminum foil boxes” is the disposable lunch box, aluminum containers, it is a new kind of food and beverage distribution boxes compared to other materials, its material is qualitative light, high barrier property, resistance to ultraviolet, moistureproof and anticorrosive and long shelf life and other characteristics, but also because of aluminum can better keep the food fresh degree and moisture, more in line with the modern concept of environmental health.

At present, aluminum foil meal boxes are mostly used in the retail of airline food, cake food and the packaging of finished food in the foreign food delivery industry such as supermarket roast chicken.In fact, as early as during the APEC meeting in Shanghai, aluminum foil meal box has become the preferred dining utensils for heads of state, during the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, aluminum foil meal box is in the athletes and service personnel “popular”.And on Shanghai world expo, aluminous foil eat box gets large-scale application in home for the first time.It is understood that during the expo period, the daily supply of the central kitchen for expo employees alone will be around 6,000, up to nearly 10,000 when the supply is high.

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