Use induction cooker with aluminum foil container

The induction cooker is widely used in our daily life . It uses electromagnetism instead of  real fire to cook .It cooks much easier and safer . But induction cooker has one problem ,it can only cooks with the metal tableware. It means some material pans can’t be used with this,such like plastic ,wood .

In daily life ,we want to use some pans which is disposable because we don’t want to wash or it’s just a take away food . In most time , we can only choose to cook in big iron pots and ladle the dish out into the disposable pan. It is not very convenient .

Now we have another choose , aluminum foil containers . It is one kind of metal material so it can be used with induction cooker.And it is also a very cheap disposable container with recyclable material. The aluminum foil container can ensure health and safety while protect the environment instead of using plastic pans.It makes the cooking convenient with induction cooker in any places.

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