Which side of the aluminum foil paper is used for food?

Which side of the aluminum foil paper is used for food?

Tin foil is often used for home baking or family barbecue. The tin foil we commonly call is actually aluminum foil paper. There are several advantages to using aluminum foil paper: first, it can prevent food from sticking to the baking tray, and it is convenient to clean the baking tray. When baking food with seasonings, you can prevent the seasonings from falling; thirdly, it can prevent the loss of moisture and keep the food taste tender; fourthly, it can be covered with aluminum foil when baking bread or cakes to prevent the surface from being too dark; Heat the food evenly to prevent it from burning.

But which side faces the food when using tin foil? If we look closely at the tin foil, we can see that the two sides are different. One side is very bright and the other side is darker. The bright side is called the light-sensitive side, and the darker side is called the matte side. When we use it, we should use the matte side to contact food, and the light-sensitive side is exposed outside. If you accidentally use it backward, the light-sensitive surface may come into contact with food, which may cause the food to stick to the tin foil.

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